First Time Home Buyers

the phrase #sendhelp could not be anymore real y’all.

Mark and I started our journey to buying a new home about 2 years ago. Living on Amelia Island is amazing and definitely where we want to raise our children but finding a home for an affordable price is tough. Mark was raised in the country and never knew anything less than 3 acres. Moving to this island was a sacrifice he made and we have always prayed to find something that will give us the best of both worlds. Well the day of miracles arrived because we found a precious marsh front lot with a perfect fixer upper home on it. We planned and waited for 2-3 months. Meeting, inspecting, land surveying, meeting some more, back and forth to Lowes. Sadly the owner back out at the LAST minute and cancelled the deal and decided not to sell. A long unfortunate situation I wont even begin to tell but we felt like we had been kicked in the stomach. what a bummer!

So the hunt continues..

and when I say hunt I mean for Joanna Gaines…or an HGTV producer. WE NEED YOU.

In the mean time I will continue to stare at pinterest until my boards become real life.

Here are a few tips from a home buyer in the trenches:

  • Scout out an educated realtor. This is important because the process is very overwhelming, having a professional to guide you through it is everything. We didn’t use a realtor for the Marsh Dream House because it was for sale by owner and we didn’t feel like we needed one. Lucky for us we have a few close friends who are realtors and can help us out with anything we need and we know who to call when we want to use one!
  • Do you research. Learn about the area, the flood zone, the exact amount of land you actually have with the purchase, property taxes, a 4 point inspection. All of this is stuff that a realtor will definitely help you with and will be a no brainer for some of my friends who are reading this who have purchased multiple homes. But for us newbies it is important to know.
  • Take your time and don’t rush. This is something that I struggle with. Especially after the heart break of “losing” a property. I felt defeated and frustrated and just wanted to settle. I would buy anything at this point. My husband has to bring me back down to the earth and remind me to have patience and the dream home shall present it self 🙂
  • Don’t be fooled by the staging or the model home set ups. (again, me) I mean seriously Dream Finders could set up a model home right dead center of a landfill surrounded by dumpsters and I would still buy it because of the shiplap on the walls and the granite counter tops and white dream kitchen. Try to be as realistic as possible and REALLY imagine yourself and your family in the home. With your personal stuff.
  • Don’t buy above your means. Don’t put yourself in house prison. A fancy new expensive house is very very exciting but it is also important to recognize your actual budget and stay in a comfortable spot so you can enjoy the rest of your life..and also have money for cute décor in the new house 🙂
  • And my favorite- don’t be afraid of a fixer upper. Look past the mess and picture your dream house. A dream house that was created with your hard work and love!

Ok Those are my pro tips. lol not. I have no idea what I’m doing and I just want to find the one.


Sooo…I leave you guys with some presh inspiration for my dream house.


Obviously this is the ultimate home. Come to mama.


Blue & White for forever of course, but I LOVE the mix of gold and wood with the greenery.


The natural light and the brick fireplace with that mantle are giving me life.


another cute farm house, such a little cutie



I love the wall color in this one, with the darker wood floors and the gold mirror.


a hunter green dutch door WILL be on my next house.


Do I really need to explain this one?


Adorable outdoor playhouse for the girls. DUH.


I love the glamorous look of this bathroom, although my style is little more low-key than this. I feel like I could totally do this in the master bath. (I deserve it)
light wall colors, dark wood floors and classic style. allllll me buddy.



We are putting decals on Riley’s wall soon and I am loving the idea of this ombre dresser. GREAT IDEA.





you will probably like these too!

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