Summer budget friendly beauty favorites

My first My Dear Hart beauty post!

Yay! So excited to start bringing yall some style and beauty to the blog!

So this round up is of my favorite budget friendly summer essentials.. These are literally the items that I wear on my face every single day! I will do a make up video soon just showing how I do my make up everyday. I’m no professional but I would love to share with ya’ll what I do!

If you all have any questions let me know 🙂

So first up is the face. I was introduced to the beauty blender from my younger sister. I know I needed to get with the program lol. But I love that little guy. It does the job gals. You are going to want to get it wet before applying makeup to help with your coverage. My go to summer foundation right now is seriously a STEAL at like 5 bucks! It is Rimmel Stay Matte – I use true ivory color. Concealer, which is like my holy grail because my dark circles are FOR REAL these days. I have been using Revlon photo ready in pale, it covers and brightens me up perfectly! Ok I linked a few brushes on here and the Chanel brushes I know are a bit of a splurge BUT I linked them because I actually got super lucky back in the day with a roommate who was an amazing make up artist/cosmetologists who gifted me some amazing Chanel make up brushes. I have had them for 6+ years now and they are still amazing. I also have a bigger, softer, kabuki style brush from ulta that I like to use for softer blending. I linked the Kat Von D face palette because I’m obsessed, again a little bit of a splurge but TOTALLY worth it if you are looking for a nice contouring kit with natural colors! For the blush which is also a must for me I linked some new Elf blush/bronzer duo that I have just started using and I’m loving the texture and the colors. I also linked Tarte because they never disappoint and I love that shade!



Ok brows. I cant believe it has taken me this long to actually pay some attention to my eyebrows. It really does make such a difference on your face. Obviously you never want to over do it on the brows. Don’t go crazy on those things! But below are some awesome little tools to keep them looking super fab! Loving that wax pencil to just keep in the kinda cleaned up and make them look a tad darker without actually adding any color. The NYX push up bra stick is awesome as well because you can use the lighter side for the inside of your eye to brighten you up!


Next up is the eyes. The mascara that I have used for years and will continue until death is by L’Oréal and it is the carbon black voluminous. Ya’ll this stuff is wizardry on my eyelashes. obsessed. I do switch up my eyeliners through out the week but I tend to only stick to 3 colors. Purple, green, or brown. I rarely ever put black eyeliner on in the summer because it looks a little too harsh on me. I love Ulta brand automatic eyeliners. they go on smooth and stay put! I linked the Tarte eye shadow palette below because I love the brown and neutral colors and then the lighter white colors for the eye. I linked an Anastasia eye shadow that I LOVE because it is a super sultry shimmer color. Also I used those Maybelline Master Kajal eye sticks and actually love them. Super smooth.



My favorite – the lips. Which my lips are literally miniature little things but I always have lipstick on. I could link about a million things in this one but I am limiting it to some major favorites and daily go tos for me! Burts Bees because..duh. The NYX lip collection of any kind is my fave. They have a great lip collection with great colors and I love it all!


 Video coming soon!

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