DIY Marble Paint Mugs

I love a cute coffee mug, I mean who doesn’t? 

I also love a fun DIY that my girls can do!

This one is so much fun and they turn out so cute! 

Bowl or shallow pan
Warm water
Fingernail polish (whatever color you like)
White ceramic mug 

Fill pan with warm water

Drop 4-5 drops of finger polish into water, make sure droplets stay at top of water, don’t let them sink to the bottom. You can do that by keep the bottle closer to the water while dropping it

Then carefully roll your mug through the water & paint. 

Once it is out, let dry for up to 30 minutes

All done! 

Easy peasy!

*hand wash to keep fresh! 

Also if you mess up, you can easily remove the polish with fingernail polish remover!

Have fun, Marble away! 

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