An open letter to my husband on Father’s Day

An Open letter to my sweetest husband on this Fathers Day. Because while I’m usually writing sarcastic posts and making numerous jokes, one thing is for sure, I couldn’t do this without you. You deserve this every single day but today I wanted to write you this to tell you how I’m thankful I am for you and proud I am as a wife and mother. You are an amazing person and the rock of this family.
THANK YOU …1. For choosing me. Spending your life with me and making me a mother to our beautiful girls

2. For putting up with me. I know I’m far from perfect … as a wife, mother or homemaker (yes, I don’t like dishes, and I’m not good at putting things away, like laundry, but thank you for sticking with me.

3. For helping with the kids. A million words can’t describe this one. For all the time you spend them. For being their best friend. Their protector. For the nights you give them a bath, dress, and get them to bed so I can just relax. I could not have asked for a better daddy for our babies. I am forever grateful.

4. For your endless patience with my OCD parenting and wife abilities. For understanding all the reasons why I want to do the things I do with our children and always being 100% on board and supporting me.

5.  For working so hard for us. For going out there and doing your best despite all obstacles and difficult times. For giving us the best and never leaving us wanting more.

6. For being the world’s best “girl dad”. Nailing the twist bun hair dos with bows and gold glitter sandals. Always cutting the PB&Js in a perfect heart shape, and forever recognizing and respecting the comfy clothes and stretchy shorts requests.

7.  For teaching me and the girls different views and ways of the world. I will never fully understand how your mind works but I am so grateful that you will be able to teach our girls what you know and how you perceive the world.

8. For your constant encouragement and belief in me. Listening to all my past work dramas, and motherhood wines, blog frustrations and wife yelling. For always knowing the perfect solution to every problem.

9. For keeping your cool when I lose mine. You know I need that. For settling my anxiety attacks and over reactions. You anticipate my every move and you diffuse situtions before they can even begin.

10. For loving the girls and I with all of your heart. Your soul. For putting us above everything and everyone. Your love is hard and strong and your girls love you back very much. 

I could go on and on forever. I really and truly appreciate and love you for all this and more. This letter could honestly go on for 25 more pages.

Happy Father’s Day to you babe and thank you. 

Love you forever,

Your wife and daughters 💗

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  1. The tears are flowing….Yes, Mark is such a great father and husband. He has my vote and is #1 in my book! I am so proud of him!!!!

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