8 ways to help a friend through heartbreak.

“When you’re dreaming with a broken heart, the waking up is the hardest part” – John Mayer.

We have all been there. The crippling pain of a heartbreak. It is incredible and really quite scary what love can do to a person. When you put your whole self, soul and heart in some one else’s hands and then suddenly it’s shredded and blowing in the breeze.

But what do you do when some one you are close with is experience this horrible time? Send messages to the Ex begging them to come back, because you can’t take your bestie this sad? Take the bestie on an epic shopping spree and get a fab makeover? Give the bestie 10 million dollars? None of that will cure a broken heart. Although I’m pretty sure 10 mil would probably do it for me. JK it won’t and I don’t want to feel that heartbreak to find out.

It is a sensitive situation and really it just takes time but here are a few tips to help mend their broken heart.

Be there. Be there when the call or text comes in “Hey I need to come over”. Just drop your plans and be there. Be ready for what they need. You find out who your friends are during these times and it is amazing the relationships you can develop through the tough times.

bring some margaritas, or just the bottle of tequila. Have a night where you can just have a few margaritas, wine or beer to take the edge off a bit. But all in moderation. Don’t let a buzzed evening turn into a drunk regret. 

Listen. Just listen. And keep listening. Even if they repeat themselves a million times over, keep listening. Because they need someone to talk to and more than likely it IS helping.

Don’t judge. Now is definitely not the time for judgement or criticism. They are so fragile right now it’s best to handle them lightly and keep the judgement at an all time low. Regardless of what happened in the break up.

Love them. Genuinely love them. Remind them how wonderfully awesome they are. Give them a hug and tell them everything will be ok and you love them.

Keep up the communication. Don’t forget about them. Remember this takes time. Send a daily text or even better a funny meme. Call and check in on them. Let them know they are still on your mind. 

Offer to help them. Maybe they have to move to another place and need help moving or maybe they haven’t done the dishes in a week. They will need the help. They will feel better knowing they have help and a support system. 

Stay loyal. This is always a tough one because breakups can get tricky. At one point everyone was friends and now everyone is not. It is important to stick by your friends side and try not to play both sides of the field, leaving your friend feeling betrayed. 


Always love. 


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