Why you need to take your kids camping right now!

Summer is upon us and we have been taking full advantage of this perfect weather. Adventure has been calling our names (as always). We have just returned from our second camping trip to Ginnie Springs with the kids. The first time was our kids first time tent camping. My girls are extremely outdoorsy, we spend our free time on the beach, in the woods, on the water, in the mountains, where ever we can go, we go. 

The number one thing we always do is make sure we are protecting our daughters skin from the sun (and ours too!). It is important to us to use products that are safe for our family, That are free from scary toxins and that really get the job done! When I found Wax Head products I was THRILLED. Not only are their products chemical free and environmentally friendly, they actually WORK. AND they are a local Amelia Island based company. LOVE. They are zinc sunscreens and they really protect our skin from the sun. There is nothing I hate more than seeing my babies little faces sunburnt. With Wax Head they are protected all day. With little to no reapplication! Very water resistant! They also offer energy bars and lots of other sun thriving goodies! My girls loved the bars that taste like “PB & J” they said! 

You can check out Wax Head At their website: https://www.gowaxhead.com And Instagram: instagram.com/gowaxhead Or Facebook: facebook.com/gowaxhead

Also for all my Amazon lovers: amazon.com/shops/waxhead

Of course you have to get a cool sticker!
Pictured above is the tinted sun screen protection (perfect for the gals, especially while camping), The zinc sunscreen stick (LOVE THIS ONE) so easy to apply and also smells like a coconut cupcake, the energy bar (PB & J bar), and of course a sun protectant lip balm (a MUST for me)
The badge of honor!
Sister love!
So back to you and your family conquering the great outdoors. Tent camping with our girls made us a little nervous at first but they did it like pros. National Geographic hit us up, because we got this! 
 Even if you don’t actually sleep in a tent you need to get out there and get that outdoor adventure planned! here is why:

SEE THE WORLD ON A SMALL BUDGET. numero uno on the importance chart. Tent camping can be very affordable if you plan correctly and find a good campsite. Most state or national parks have a pretty cheap entry/camping fee. There are no hidden fees or extra charges for fun. And a pack hotdogs for roasting are usually under 5 bucks! 

APPRECIATE THE SMALL THINGS AND LIVE SIMPLY. Camping can show you all the stuff you DONT need to survive and have a good time. There is nothing like a long day in the woods and water and coming back to site to cook a hotdog on a stick, make a s’more and snuggle up in a warm sleeping bag. Maybe they will appreciate mom’s cooking and warm showers a little more at home.

TEACH CHILDREN (AND YOURSELVES) A NEW SKILL. Well really a whole set of skills. Pitching a tent, building a fire, making a fish trap, identifying poison ivy, hey even popping a squat! Lots of fun and important things to be taught while adventuring outdoors! 

A TRUE APPRECIATION FOR NATURE AND THE GREAT OUTDOORS. When camp you begin to see nature a little differently, you become the nature. You can appreciate the beauty and the fragility of it but also the strength of nature! The importance of keeping it clean of trash, being aware of what you cut down or burn, and what you put into the water is all crucial. 

TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN KINDESS. There is just something about going camping that brings everyone together. Family and complete strangers. You development a bond. An “I got your back neighbor” kind of bond. Working together to survive and enjoy your time. Sharing with others and just the good ol’ comradery of camping outside! 

DISCONNECTING. This is huge for all of us nowadays! There is such thing as tech addiction (trust me, I think I have it). Our children have been operating iPads and iPhones since they were 18 months old. They literally watch videos of other children playing with toys. It’s very bizarre. Being able to lose service on your phone And fully interact and enjoy the real world is quite magical. Especially for children.

CAMPING IS HEALTHY. Vitamin D anyone? Sunshine is literally good for the body and soul. Fresh air in your lungs and exercising your body is actually healthy. Who knew? 

So load up the truck! Get your hotdogs, your tent, your bathing suit and your Wax Head and hit the road, the trails, the waves, whatever your heart desires! Adventure awaits! Get out there folks and enjoy THE GREAT OUTDOORS! 

Have fun! 

Love – Ash 

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  1. I love this post!!!!!Its one of my favorite so far…I am so glad you all love to camp!and sharing with the girls. I never thought I would see you enjoy it so much.LOL. It really makes my heart so happy. Its the simple things…Love you so much!!!!!!

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