Big Little Lies is nothing but the TRUTH

Alright guys here we are again with one of my television/movie reviews where basically I tell you how obsessed I am with it and tell you to watch 12 times. Well that is what I will do here but Big Little Lies was a very dramatic series revealing so many stories that are present in real life. It’s ok HBO so basically they aren’t holding back. 

Domestic Abuse. This is such a real thing that happens every single day. Whether it be verbally or physically the abuse and the damage is horrible. Big Little Lies shows that it happens to everyone and it is very hard to escape especially when you have a family. The therapist in this series is amazing. She crosses the line in the best way by showing her concern and persistent concern for Nicole Kidman’s characters safety. It shows the importance of reaching out for help. 

Motherhood. Wine, homework, school functions, bullying, “other” moms, all of it. A part can relate to every mom in this series. Working moms, stay at home, CEO, volunteers, hippies, all kinds are portrayed and learn to work together for their children and as strong women! 

Coparenting. The classic story of an ex husband and wife and the new step parents. They play a great story that shows us the obvious challenges of raising children with new partners. One child starts getting closer with the step mom and it doesn’t go over well with Madeline, played by Reese Witherspoon who is magnificent per usual. 

Affair. There is of course a juicy affair in this but it isn’t the center of the show which is refreshing, it shows the damage that an affair causes and the regret and troubles it brings on. 

Divorce. It is no surprise that there is a divorce in the show but a divorce that leaves unsettled feelings even after 15 years. We see the problems that CAN happen while raising children and divorcing. They all do a great job of coming together for the kids.

Single mom parenting. Shailene Woodley y’all. I thought I was obsessed with Reese, Nicole & Zoe..but Shailene is soooo amazing in this. She is a strong, great, single mother to her son out of sexual assault. She reveals to us the struggles of dealing with rape and the anxiety that hits her every single day. She lives in fear while trying to raise her son. And she is BOMB. 

JAMMING MUSIC. Woah woah woah. When I say jamming, I mean fucking jamming. It is the most amazing soundtrack I have heard in a long time. Oldies but goodies and lots of new new stuff too! Shoutout to Leon Bridges because I have been jamming to you but Big Little Lies is really showing you off! I also love how the young children in this show appreciate good music. I mean Chloe straight rocks out to killer music like the entire series on her ipod. 

California dreamin’. That morning drive view though, ahhhhh. Currently packing the Uhual and moving to Monterey. That coffee shop that they go to in the morning and the houses they live in?!!!! DREAMY. 

Actors/actresses. Um yeah this mashup is a doozy. Reese, Nicole, Zoe, Shailene, Alexander, Adam. Allll amazing and I’m forever stalking them on their social media channels. K bye.

So. Now is the time to tune in. NOW. Here is the trailer, I’ve been watching it on repeat.

Happy binging 😻 

Xo Ash! 

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