Why I’m taking my girls to see Beauty and The Beast AGAIN.

Another boycott. Insert eye roll. Ahhh good ol’ media. I keep reading these posts on the internet from mom bloggers who are deciding to take a stand against Disney! 😑. I keep getting enraged reading things like “Disney has forced us to have the ‘Talk’ with our children” like is there a ‘gay talk’ that I don’t know about? I mean really. I literally read an article stating “This just reminds everyone that gay people are humans too and we need to talk to our children about that” 😂 I’m sorry what? Yeah ya might want to do that because your kids will probably think gay people are actually Aliens from another planet who are bad devil people. 😑. Let me get this straight..a teenage girl falls in love with a wolf/bison man who is under the spell of an enchantress who also has a castle where all of his home decor is alive all while she is being pursued by an arrogant, jealous, down right mean man who tries to kill her father and people are boycotting the Disney film because the last two minutes of it show two men joining hands to dance. Oh and in one split second of the movie a man likes being in a dress. Ohhh no god forbid two people of the same sex have a dance together. No way Jose. Do they have feelings for each other? Probably. Do they kiss? No. People are acting like the end of the movie turns into a gay porno. Get ahold of yourselves people. You sound like morons. Small minded morons. Yeah I said it. You’re being ridiculous. 

I would take my girls back to see it again and again and I’ll definitely be buying the DVD. Here is why:

KINDNESS: So many acts of pure kindness throughout the movie even in the situations when we least expected it. With every character, even Beast! 

DIVERSITY: We saw characters of many races. Like a normal world we live in. It was refreshing and also I love all of them. Such perfect fits for every character!

LOVE: So much love. A pure sweet love between father and daughter and a new found love between beauty and the beast. A special love between all of beasts home decor 🙂

BRAVERY: Belle for the win for being a brave, intelligent, kind spirit! She conquered the forest alone to rescue her father and took his place in the dungeon. She rescued and nursed Beast back to the health and eventually saved his life. 

COMPASSION: Beast shows his softer side when he lets the dreadful Gaston free! They reveal people’s character on the inside despite what they look like on the outside 🙂

JUSTICE: The bad guy loses! As he should! Spoiler- Gaston dies! And good riddens because he is just plain old evil the whole movie. 

FABULOUS AND FUN. I mean I’m stating the obvious here when I say that the movie is a grand remake of a classic Disney story. What a show. Seriously the picture and the music are exceptional and so exciting. My girls were thrilled to be watching it from start to finish. 

We should be teaching our children all of those things. That’s what is important.

Love to all ♥️


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