Marble Tray

This has got to be one of my favorite projects so far and it was featured on First Coast Living! Check out the segment here!

So glamorous yet so practical ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿผ

Use it in the kitchen, in the bathroom, bedroom, coffee table, wherever! 


1 slab of marble (I used a 12 x 20 piece) 
Two drawer pulls with screw included 
4 pieces of sticky felt


Apply sticky felt to all four corners of the bottom of the slab

Flip back over and measuring evenly, use a marker to mark where you would like to place the drawer pulls (soon to be tray handles)Drill holes where marked with a power drill & masonry bit, make sure to keep the spot where drilling wet with water, once drilled all the way through, screw the screws into hole and into handle on top.

Make sure the handles are tightly secured and VOILA – Marble Tray!*be sure to measure carefully and make sure you have all places marked evenly, once you drill into the marble you can’t un drill! – I had to call in my husband for most of this project! And also this marble slab is going to be heavy, I wouldn’t suggest carrying around with a ton of heavy stuff on it. 

He’s the best!

Enjoy your fabulous new marble tray!

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