10 signs you’re too old for a music festival

When my husband and I won 4 day passes to the Okeechobee Music Festival we just couldn’t pass it up. Neither one of us had been to a music festival and we needed a fun trip just the two of us! Well nothing really prepares you for a music festival if you have never been. It was like entering another land. A land of loud music, happy people, drugs, and the great outdoors. The weekend was incredible but definitely reminded my husband and I that we have been feeding and watering children for the past 5 1/2 years instead of rocking out to Young The Giant (who were EPIC btw). Here are 10 reason why we really showed our granny/gramps vibes at Okeechobee:

1. You overpack. Like really overpack. You’ve got a cooler, a grocery bag, a bathroom bag, a clothes bag, a bug spray/bite bag, an electronics bag, 4 pillows, a comforter and a Queen air mattress for comfy sleeping, 4 pairs of shoes, and snack bags.

2. You are the first ones in the shower lines…at 6:00 AM. And on the walk to the shower people who look like extras in a walking dead episode are asking you if you have been to sleep yet. “Yep a full 6 hours! Now just headed for a morning shower :)”

3. You pass out bottles of waters to the college kids around you who are hammered drunk. They are barely hanging on and are starting to look like glazed donuts. Afterwards you are getting lots of “Thank you so much sir, seriously so much love for you sir”

4. You admit to the man at the front gate that you do in fact have a pocket knife, glass bottles, and lighters. Facepalm.

5. A kid tries to explain ‘Flume’ to you and says “this just isn’t your generation’s kind of music”. Huh? You’re like a year younger than me dude. #grannyvibes

6. When you leave the festival early because you’re tired and the two concerts you saw were epic enough to last a lifetime. And also you miss your kids.

7. You sleep in the car with the AC running. All night. With a perfectly set up queen air mattress and a complete made bed. With a battery operated fan.

8. You “accidentally” put your wristband on 2 days before the festival and now you can’t take it off or it’s void. So you wear it to work for the next 2 days.

9. You have thorough video recordings of entire concerts. Every song. Everything.

10. You drink 2 beers each, get a good buzz, then call it a night because those beers cost $10 each.


Until next time! Cheers to adventures with your loved ones – no matter how old you are 🙂

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  1. Ashy,

    I love this blog. I am laughing out loud right now as I am writing this.

    Yes…You are true parents. This makes me feel old. LOL

    Love you lots. Mom

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