Toxic work environment & how to deal!

Case of the mondays? Every day of the week? It’s hard to see how negative your environment is until you have truly removed yourself from the situation. But nothing is worse than working 40+ hours a week at a place that is sucking the soul right out of you. Consuming you in the worst way possible. Recognizing the people and issues that are causing the unhappiness is key to keeping your workday pleasant. Although there may be many many different situations in every persons job here are just a few things to remember!

COMMUNICATION – this one is a biggie for me, I’m a talker. I feel like everything always needs to be laid out on the table. If something feels off with a co worker, it’s important to communicate with them (in a respectful kind way of course). Chat with them for a bit and clear up any miscommunication.

TEAMWORK – we all know “teamwork makes the dream work” right?! Lol. Well it does really! Especially at work! Nobody wants to feel like they are pulling all the weight, or like a pile of work has been dumped on them and only them. Plus it’s fun to complete tasks when you can talk and there is bound to be a funny story that comes from it!

RESPECT & COMMON COURTESY- no brainer! But sometimes we forget about our close co workers who we spend everyday with. It’s important to “stay off your high horse” as I would put it. If you aren’t the boss, don’t try to be! There is a difference in being a leader and being the bossy bitch at the office. And also don’t forget to keep your area clean (messiest desk ever award goes to me), throw away your old food, and stay out of your co workers personal items! Oh and EMPOWER one another. Don’t tear each other down to try to climb to the top! Be a strong unit! #GIRLPOWER

KEEP YOUR COOL. If tension is heating up with other coworkers, stay cool. It’s important to remain calm in the workplace even when you are pushed to your limits. Refrain from arguments or god forbid an unexpected outburst.

BE THE POSITIVE YOU WANT TO SEE. The change starts at home right? Try to leave all your personal stress at home, that can definitely dampen your mood quickly, causing other small issues to irritate you faster. BE HAPPY, compliment a coworker on how well they handled that difficult customer, compliment them on their outfit that day, ask for insight on something that relates to them, organize a themed potluck – Fiesta Fridays anyone? Margarita Mondays?! JK. kinda.

There will always be situations that you can not control, it’s important to be aware of who to reach out to in your company when things are to that point. Know who your human resources people are. Speak with a manager in private.

It is always important to be respectful and responsible in the workplace but you do not have to deal with NEGATIVE TOXIC BEHAVIOR from anyone, if you have reached out to upper management and taken every step necessary to try to better the situation and still nothing resolves, GET OUT, if you don’t, more than likely it will quickly go down hill from there. You don’t want to get burnt out, build resentment and quickly have bad moral and you definitely don’t want to end up getting fired from any of the above! Most importantly you should always feel comfortable in your work environment and feel supported and respected by your coworkers! IF NOT – hasta la vista baby!

short and sweet 🙂 until next time- Ash 🙂

*SIDE NOTE* this post has NO correlation to my current job. I love my job and it is definitely drama free! – shout out to Coastal Current Electric! 

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