5 Reasons to fall in love with This Is Us

Unless you have been under a rock for the past few months than you have definitely heard about the new show that is LITERALLY sweeping the nation with it’s wholesome goodness and heart string tugging 1 hour delight every Tuesday night. There hasn’t been a show like this in quite some time. In my lifetime I can’t recall ever seeing one like this, it is infectious and beautiful in so many ways. These times in everyones lives are CRAZY. No matter what our situations are we all have a story and I think This Is Us is such an honest depiction of those stories and it is very refreshing to see it and experience it/cry our eyes out all together as a nation.

Something we can certainly all relate to in some way and if you haven’t seen This Is Us yet now is the time! Here is why-

JACK & REBECCA. – America’s sweethearts deal with pregnancy, the loss of a child, adoption, financial stress, teenagers and the everyday life all while we cry our eyes out watching them. You WILL believe in love again. And you WILL be in love with Jack.

Shout out to the siblings out there. The big 3! whether you have 2 siblings or none you will be loving this bond they have. They usually have me texting my brother and sister saying “remember that time when…” sobbing on the phone.

It’s real REAL life. There is no sugar coating in this one. They battle obesity, racial integration, drug and alcohol addiction and many other issues that give us an honest look at real stories in real families everywhere! It is raw and the writers are showcasing so many relatable situations.


This cast though. Mandy Moore! welcome the heck back!!! Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling Brown, Chrissy Metz, Ron Cephas Jones, Justin Hartley, Chris Sullivan, Susan Kelechi Watson and all the little people who play the big 3 in all the stages of their lives. HELLO I AM OBSESSED WITH ALL OF YOU. way to go guys. you deserve ALL the awards. EVER.



Also is this MY real life or not? Because sometimes I feel so wrapped up in the show that I MISS the characters when I’m not watching it. Like what are Jack and Rebecca doing right now? Is young Randall ok? Is adult Randall ok? Can someone please explain Jack and his demise? or not because honestly I’m not ready. Can we have a wedding for William and Jesse? These people are my friends and are also little pieces of me and my life, thats the power of This Is Us. Thank goodness they have been renewed for more seasons because I am not sure we can be without these people right now?


Tune in to see this amazing show, Tuesdays at 9PM on NBC. You can also catch up on Hulu or On Demand!



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