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Blogging is amazing in many ways but the best part about it is the people that you meet and connect with! Today on the blog I am talking with the brilliantly witty and also one of my favorite mom bloggers Jennifer Burby – the blogger behind The Champagne Supernova Blog. If the name alone doesn’t draw you in, her hilarious take on parenting and motherhood definitely will! I found her on Instagram (holy ground for bloggers) when I first started My Dear Hart and even reached out to her for some first time blogger tips and tricks!

Tell us a little bit about your family, your job and just your everyday life

I am a mid-thirty-year-old wife and mom of two daughters, ages 2 and 4. I attended law school at the University of Florida and work part time at a local firm, which I love. After working as a litigator at a large, well-respected law firm, I recently moved to a smaller firm that would provide me the flexibility that I need to make income while spending more time with my family. I usually leave the office by 2:30 p.m., where I pick up the girls from school and take them to their activities like dance and gymnastics. My husband owns an engineering firm and we have lived in Tampa since 2007.

How do you balance mom life, work and blogging?

It’s really hard. Not only do I blog, but I am also a consultant for Beautycounter, a health and beauty line that focuses on safer skincare that do not contain the same toxins that other products have. I try to stay away from my phone as much as possible when I’m with my family, and also try my best to spend my blogging time wisely, which means not mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook feed when I’m supposed to be writing a story. I also only blog when the girls go to bed, which is usually around 7:30 p.m.

What are some tips for busy Mom bloggers and how to stand out from the rest.

There are over a million personal blogs on the internet and, with social media algorithms constantly changing (and not showing your work to potential readers), it’s getting more difficult to stand out. I’ve spun my wheels trying to grow my social media in order to send more traffic back to the blog, but what helps the most is focusing on quality content that people want to read and share with others. It’s easy to write a blog post about “Affordable Summer Swimsuits.” Everyone can do that. Not everyone has strong enough writing skills to tell a good story in a way that resonates with the readers. Focus on the latter and the readership will eventually come.

What are some your favorite activities with your family?

We love being outside, going to the beach, and vacationing. My oldest daughter loves staying in hotels and we love taking them to the local pool and swimming. We also enjoy painting and making arts and crafts.

Who influences you most in the blogging world or not in the blogging in the world?

I don’t have many blogging “influencers”. I feel I can relate to Oprah and Brene Brown… I enjoy their work and feel better after reading it.

What prompted you to start The Champagne Supernova?

This is crazy. I went to a therapist when I was pregnant with my second daughter to provide me with resources about how to overcome the baby blues after she was born, which is something I struggled with after my first pregnancy. The therapist suggested that I start a “Mom Blog,” and I thought she was out of her mind. Until then, I pictured “Mom Bloggers” to be retired teachers who lived in middle America and wrote about things like Shepard’s Pie and how to knit a quilt. After more thought and consideration, I started launched the blog in December of 2014 and am so happy I did!

Top 5 things you can’t live without as a mom and blogger.

1. My laptop (MacBook Pro) 
2. DSLR camera 
3. iPhone 
4. Red wine
 5. Advil.

Best advice you have ever gotten?

Stay in your lane and don’t worry about what other people (bloggers) are doing and don’t be intimidated by their success. If you worry about what other people are doing, you’ll freak out and won’t be able to be successful on your own. Keep looking ahead and don’t look next to you.


Where can we find you?

Instagram: champagnesupernovablog 

Facebook: The Champagne Supernova

Blog: http://www.thechampagnesupernova.com

Until next time friends! Ash 💗

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