Our wedding day ♥️

January 15th 2011.

So I’m sharing our wedding story today because it is our 6th anniversary. Mark and I met when I was 13 and he was 15. So we have known each other for many years. And I always knew I would marry him. We got engaged on November 22nd 2010 and trust me when I tell you I was beyond excited! We planned a wedding for two years away. We had lots to do in our life before we had our big day! But life is funny that way..because on January 1st 2011 I found out I was pregnant with little Riley Hart Hogan. Andddddd that was a bit of a shocker. For us and for my family too. The decision to plan a quick wedding was what we felt best for us and we did it! We felt like we wanted to be married before we had our baby. So in 3 short days we planned a wedding on a cotton field in Georgia. Mark’s mom is a florist so lucky for us we got the hook up with some pretty precious wedding decor!

My ring belonged to Mark’s grandma and is so very special. This picture doesn’t do it justice because it is such a gorgeous ring.

Mark and I kept it very simple with just family. And what a day it was!

The heart ring pictured below was given to me from my dad when I was about 12 years old, it later broke so Mark took the diamonds out and had another band made to add to my wedding set.

My wedding dress came from a goodwill you guys..I’m not lying. No alterations, no special additions, just picked it up at a goodwill and it fit so I wore it. 😳.

The man who married us is a very significant person in marks life and the fact that he could be there to officiate the ceremony was amazing ♥️.

Although looking back we do wish more of our friends and family could have been there, the day was perfect and at the end of it I got to marry my Markie. One day we will have a big ol’ anniversary party with EVERYONE present and we will really do it up right! 10 years? Sounds good!

So there ya have it the big fancy wedding! 6 years later and still going strong!

Love always- Ash ♥️

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