Mrs. Crows Warrior Salve 🇺🇸

I feel like I am always praising kid stuff and mom products but this salve is for every human and animal (seriously) out there! This stuff covers it all. Everything. It’s all natural with no chemicals so put it on your babies and fur babies. It’s very gentle yet can seriously cure anything! They even have a beard balm guys!

Let’s talk about all the things I use it for:

The pet salve // My dog and my dads dogs always happen to escape and run right to the same poison oak plant. And cover theirselves in an itchy rash causing extreme itching, biting at the skin and soon hair loss. Lovely. Never fear the pet salve is here! Thank goodness! Clears right up, and soothes it so no more chewing! Also my dog is highly allergic to flea bites, seriously he will bite all of his hair off and bleed in random spots looking seriously like mange. But I just rub this stuff all over him and he is shiny and so relieved! I even let my boss put it on his dog who desperately needed some relief from an infected spot on her leg!

Mothers Salve // well this goes on every single thing. Scraped knees, mosquito bites, burns, cuts, rashes, everything. No burning, very gentle, and again lots of relief. I keep a container in my purse at all times. In the winter my nose gets extremely dry and sometimes cracked (ouch!) I keep this on my nose at all times and it keeps it from cracking!

I just recently got the salve stick which is great for applying to your hands that are dry and cracked or your heels!  Awesome, so easy to apply to whatever you need! And Riley thinks it’s the coolest thing she even started putting on her “babies”!

Also this salve is hand crafted by two veterans!!

Here is a little back story:

“Crows Warrior Salve is a veteran owned and operated company dedicated to providing a quality product that can be trusted by everyone. Our product has been tested in the harshest environments known to man. From the fields of Afghanistan to the streets of Baghdad, Warrior Salve has lived up to its name. We are not just a skin care company peddling some hand lotion. Warrior Salve is soon to be the everyday carry for all the topical skin care needs. The founders and operators of this company are Marine Corps infantry veterans who know what its like to live life on the edge, and from our experiences with the old crow salve, we have developed a product that is not only for the warrior, but for the family as well. As kids Mrs Crow would ensure that no matter what happened, we always had her salve by our side, and as Marines that lifestyle never changed. We know you’ll not only love this product, but you will believe in it as well.”

How cool is that? Right! You need this stuff in your life ASAP!

Check them out on their website:

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Thanks guys for your service and for this amazing salve! 🇺🇸

Until next time! – Ash

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