Mooresville, NC ☃️❄️

Snow! Snow! Snow! 

So this year we made a trip to Kentucky to visit my family and we kept our fingers crossed for snow but never got it. 14 degrees everyday but no snow! We had a great time but Riley was a little bummed she still had not seen snow! 

Well..Winter Storm Helena swooped in and the snow poured down on the southeast and up the eastern coast! Saturday morning we woke up, ate breakfast and got a call from my mom begging us to go see snow. So we all jumped in the car and set out on a winter wonderland adventure. 

We drove until we reached snow and that landed us in Mooresville, NC. We pulled over to an empty field and as we stepped out our boots sunk a foot into the snow. 

Oh happy day for Riley Hogan- her first time in snow and it was magical! 

We decided to go across the street to a snow covered golf course to play!


Andddd that last about 25 minutes before we were all frozen half to death and felt like we were all dying. So we drove to Walmart and bought more warm clothes 😂. Then ventured out for food (the whole town was shut down because of the storm) we decided on Noodles & Company which is seriously my new jam. Soooo good!!!! Picked it up and brought it back to the hotel. Ate, took warm showers, got snuggled and played games all night!

It was definitely one of the most spontaneous things we have done but TOTALLY worth it!!! 

So get out there and adventure! Safe travels 🙋🏼

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  1. Ashley,

    What a great adventure we had. So happy we took the opportunity to be spontaneous and get our fix of snow fun!!!!Love you lots and enjoyed reading this Blog. The pictures are awesome!!

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