Chicken wire frame

This fun project was featured on First Coast Living! Check it out here:

Chicken Wire Frame

This is a great little project to make for pictures, cards, pieces of mail, or anything other little light knick knack.


1 can white spray paint
1 can metallic gold spray paint
1 bag of mini clothes pins
1 frame (size and color of your choice, the bigger the better)
Chicken wire cut to fit back of frame
Burlap bow or other decor item (optional)
Staple gun or nails
pictures, etc. for pinning to wire


I spray painted a wooden frame white, leaving it a little distressed looking.

I cut the chicken to fit the back of frame, using staple gun or nails, secure wire to back of frame.

Make sure chicken wire is straight and fits back of frame.

I chose to spray paint the mini pins metallic gold, because well metallic gold is adorable and I want to paint everything metallic gold now.

Hot glue or staple your bow to corner of frame and clip your pictures on!

All done!

You can add whatever you want to it!

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