Welllll folks. I have bawled my way through another Disney movie. Shocker. Riley said she even had tears 😭

Moana is one of those great Disney movies that you never forget and watch over and over and over. And dare I say it, I think it was better than Frozen. It’s finally time to let it go. 

A wonderful story of courage, girl power, family, friendship, bravery & all the Disney goodness! The two new friends set out to save her village and they both have a special skill set that leads them through a wonderful adventure! 

Every actor portrays their character so well and big shout out to The Rock and Auli’i Cravalho, they are AMAZING in this! They all are really!

The animation detail is exquisite 🤓 seriously the picture in the movie is phenomenal. The colors are so vibrant and all the beautiful details are so appealing all through the movie! Oh and also we are JAMMING to the soundtrack! 

We live on an island so mayyyybe we are a little biased but no matter where you live this movie is the next big one! 

Go check your local theater for showtimes and see this movie ASAP! 

Check out the trailer here:

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