The busiest of Octobers πŸŽƒ

Yo Yo Yo

it’s been busy up in here ya’ll.

We have been out of town, experienced a hurricane, had another segment on River City Live, held a large community BBQ for the island, and done some super fun fall festivities.

First of all we experienced a hurricane. so yeah. That was pretty stressful, read all about it here. Or just go check out because I was featured as a guest writer for them!

Before the hurricane we went to North Carolina to visit Mark’s brother Billy. He is being deployed to the middle east so we went to see him before he leaves. His little house and town in NC are presh. It was a good little visit we had! So when we came home from North Carolina we literally had to turn around and evacuate the island and go back up north. so yeah it felt like we were gone for EVER.

The splash pad on the Air Force base was AHHHMAZING. So much fun!

We evacuated to Tifton, GA and stayed at Marks dads house. 9 adults & 5 pets. 😳. But we were safe and the weather was perfect up there.

After coming home from the hurricane, myself and many many others were so thankful and appreciative that our little island was safe and not as harmed as many people thought it would be. We were so thankful for all the first responders and local heroes that protected and restored us all back up to normal during and after the storm. Tarah Warren with and myself decided it was time to pull together and have a good ol’ BBQ for our first responders to show them some love and appreciation! We got together and not to toot our own horn or anything but wow.. our event was amazing. Seriously I think the entire time Tarah and I just walked around the event with huge smiles on our faces going omg i’m so happy, omg i’m so happy. We worked really hard in a very short period of time and got some wonderful volunteers and donations and were able to put together an amazing time for some great people! We had police, fire, EMT, lineman, and even a nurse came with a big box to take lunch back to the whole emergency room crew on duty. I was so happy I could have cried. We had tons of hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza, pasta, chips, drinks, ice cream, cakes, lots of treats, a bounce house, corn hole, life size jenga, good music and lots of great community fun! Many Many thanks to the local businesses who helped make the event possible: Coastal Current Electric, Elizabeth Pointe Lodge, Journey church, First Baptist Church, CDC Bank. Hampton Inn, Cold Stone Creamery, Tony’s Pizza, Amelia – To – Go, Celebration Party Rentals, Omni Hotels, Aimee Taryn Photography, and all of our sweet volunteers who stayed and worked the event for us! Big shout out to my step dad for grilling over 150 hamburgers and hotdogs all day! Awesome day and Tarah and I will definitely be making this an annual event so stay tuned for details on it! And also for other exciting events we come up with!

So I had another segment on River City Live, It was so fun and turned out so cute! We did some jack-o-latern stuffed peppers and made it all festive! Check me out here. This one was actually a lot easier then the first one. We filmed it ahead of time and we did it at home. So it wasn’t actually live and we got to do different takes to make it cute! But let’s be real, i’m no pro on television. YET.


Halloween is in a couple days so of course we had to hit up some fall festivals and do all things fallish πŸ™‚ I pretty much bought every thing that is harvest, pumpkin, spooky, spice, ghost, witch, pinecone, and cinnamon. You name it. I got it. I need help. But my porch is looking adorable and also the inside so yeah..

We went to Tommys Pumpkin Patch right outside of St. Augustine and then did Connors Amazing Acres the next weekend! So fun and festive! Perfect for families!


And last but least Halloween finally arrived and so did the trick or treating! So much fun! We live on First Ave which is kinda difficult for trick or treating so we went to Amelia Park & Ocean Reach! Awesome neighborhoods πŸ™‚ two of my faves on the island actually 😊 Ella was a Dutch girl & Riley was a shopkins cupcake (of course) πŸŽƒπŸ‘»

Farewell October! We will definitely miss you but Thanksgiving is coming in hot and Christmas is right around the corner! We are ready! πŸŽ„ 

πŸŽƒπŸ‘»- Ash 

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