Evacuating a hurricane with your children 😱

I have ever never experienced a Hurricane before. I’m from Kentucky so we are used to tornados, which are equally as terrifying. A tornado happens so quickly though. The sirens go off and you pretty much run for the basement or some kind of underground shelter and hope for the best. Usually takes about 30 minutes at the most. Hurricanes on the other hand are very drawn out, which is great because you can prepare! Prep your home, buy supplies, EVACUATE. But the 3-4 nail biting days leading up to the actual day of the hit is pretty excruciating. The sleepless nights of not knowing whether or not your home and everything in it will be swimming with the fishes- literally, or if your whole community as you know it will be wiped out.

Amelia Island was very very lucky. We did see some very unfortunate damage but nothing like what was predicted…

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