10 signs you are working with all men ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ

I have worked a lot of places. Restaurants, offices, salons, retail stores, country club. But just recently I have started a job with all men. Yep, I’m the only woman. Office manager at an electric company. Regardless of where you are working, If you are working with all men then you can relate to every last one of these:


1.It’s a drama free zone. And the angels sang hallelujah! The cattiness and competition and cut throat manipulative personalities are pretty much non existent and it is a glorious breath of fresh air.

2. There may or may not be a dog in the office, and I’m ok with that.

3. The toilet seat will never be down and the toilet paper will never and I repeat never be on the roll. But hey atleast they keep it clean.

4. Curse words are the norm. You boys kiss your momma with that mouth?! I’m just as guilty. Last night Ella was eating some chicken, and Mark said I’m glad she is eating this, and casually I said “me too she can eat that whole damn chicken if she wants.” In front of both kids. Mark was like Ashley why are you so aggressive right now haha. Granted I say my fair share of curse words but we ALWAYS try to keep it clean around the girls.

5. Ask and you shall receive- post it notes? New phone? The day off? Sure Ash, just make sure you get your stuff done. Simple. No detective work or behind the scenes chit chat about how many post it notes you stick to your desk to remember things or the fact that you left early for a hair appointment (working mom struggle).

6. No judgement- no makeup, hair not done, no worries, these guys could care less. Hakuna Matata around here.

7. Don’t know what day it is? Well just take a gander at the Maxim calendar and the latest Miss October. It’s fine boys keep your bikini mag, I’ve got my calendar right above my desk.

8. The bathroom is kept clean, but the coffee station, nope. Used spoons, sugar and coffee caked onto the table. 42 dirty coffee mugs all around.

9. Bodily functions. Like the loudest burps you’ve ever heard.

10. I’ll make one hell of an electrician one day. Once I get the coax and PVC 90 and the timer switch with #12 THHN figured out. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ.

There is never a dull moment. #GIRLPOWER

Until next time!


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