Why I love Amelia Island ☀️

When Tarah at tarahcoastal.com asked me to be a contributor to her #loveamelia series I just jumped right on it! She is one of my fave islanders 🌾 Check her out on Instagram, Facebook & her blog! 

I wasn’t born here. Heck I didn’t move here until I was almost 17. This was a vacation spot for us for many years and eventually my mom decided to move here. Custody battles sent my brother and I back and forth for a bit between here and Kentucky. I eventually made the decision to leave my dad and move here with my mom. My dad followed because us of course but who could resist this little island.

Moving from Louisville, KY to Amelia Island was a bit of a culture shock for my brother and I. The small town, the clothes, the music, the salty air, the people, the way of life, granted we have lived in a number of places from Arizona to Kentucky but nothing has ever been has enchanting as Amelia Island. 

My genuine appreciation for this place didn’t really happen until I was an adult with children but as a teenager I had some great memories. I loved that before you had your drivers license it was “cool” to walk on Fletcher to surf shops or gas stations while checking out all the tourists. That eventually turned into driving down fletcher once you got your license. Loading up in the car with the girls, rolling down the windows, cranking the music and Cruising the island. The fact that you could wear flip flops to school! Oh and that the schools were “outside”. I had never seen a school with open hallways. Before the Omni was the Omni it was the beach club at the plantation and everyone and their mother snuck in and swam in the pool. Moon River pizza was and still is a way of life. A daily summer lunch spot. Where all the cool hipster kids worked and where I secretly always wanted to work. The movie theater was small and old but in the most glorious way. On the weekends we went for movies and all hung out around outside the building. I met the love of my life here one summer, while he was on vacation. 

As I grew up and we got married and had kids we decided Amelia Island had to be the place to raise our family. As a married couple we loved living close to the beach. Our first house here was close to the light house and at night we would sit on our porch and watch the light house light circle the sky. 

Once our children were born our appreciation grew, and our love for Amelia is stronger than ever. The community is safe and friendly for our girls. We delivered both girls at Baptist Nassau right up the street where they also have their primary physician. They both go to wonderful schools here with teachers that I love. #littlepirates.

  We have rented little houses all over this island, first avenue, citrona, old town, over the railroad tracks; all have been experiences we will never forget. No matter where we lived on the island the grocery store was always just a skip away, along with the bank and basically everything else. There is no traffic here and rarely a crime. The farmers market every Saturday is a staple and make sure you say hello to Felix. Date nights include a stroll down centre street and eating at one of the many delicious quaint restaurants followed by a large raspberry haze cone from Fantastic Fudge or island time froyo. Weekends are filled with beach days, cook outs, island exploring, countless trips to publix (you’ll see everyone you know, and I mean everyone). Target, Ross, TJ MAXX, Panera & Ulta are literally right across the bridge (it’s all I’ll ever need). 

Oh and did I mention the community pulls together for each other like nothing I have ever seen! We have each other’s backs around here! I have seen many families go through heartbreak and joy all while the island rallies around them supporting them and helping in anyway they can! ❤️ 

Also- SHRIMP FEST. 🍤🍤🍤

If you have never been to the Shrimp Fest, you’ll want to add that to the list! Lots of arts, music, SEAFOOD, activities, Pirates, SEAFOOD! It’s the first weekend in May and will be a weekend you won’t forget!

It’s hard to explain Amelia Island in one blog post, it’s a place you must experience for yourself. 🌾☀️ 

Come visit us! The island is calling your name! The Ritz Carlton & Omni both have beautiful ocean front resort properties to stay in pure paradise! Plus many other awesome hotels & rentals as well! 

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  1. If its all about location, location, location you have definately won the jackpot. Sounds and looks like paradise. What a wonderful place to live and raise a family. You are so blessed, i can only imagine having such a wonderful lifestyle😊

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