‘Stranger Things’ 🌌

So Netflix & chill right. That means pile up in the bed and eat a chocolate bar while binge watching shows as your husbands says “it’s time to turn it off, I have to work tomorrow” and I say “no babe, one more!!!” And so we watch 4 more and then finish the entire season in one night and our eyes burn the next day because we are so tired from watching TV.  Totally Netflix and chill 😳.

I become obsessed with things, fast. Seriously I get hooked and that’s it I’m all in. It becomes my life. Whether it be the spicy southwest chicken salad from Chik Fila A or the dark chocolate raspberry bar when I’m in, I am in. IN IT TO WIN IT. Game over. You get the point. 

Stranger Things is on the list of crazy obsessions lately. If you have Netflix or a Netflix password it’s time to tune into this show like now. Set in the early 80’s in a small town of Hawkins, Indiana, a small boy vanishes in thin and his gang of best friends set out to find him, among other unlikely teams & a whole lot of supernatural freakiness. 

80’s inspired supernatural PHENOMENON. Even if you weren’t born in the 80’s you will feel like it, like you fit right in. The good ol’ days. Nostalgia anyone? #takemeback #donewith2016

Where did this cast from? Seriously…like did the director just send out an announcement- “I need the best actors/actresses in the biz but that aren’t famous AT ALL” I mean they are all amaze. Perfect in every way. Can I hang with them? Can I live in Hawkins with them?!!

Winona Ryder! Oh hey welcome back! You’re killing it in this show. Best mom award ever. she wins.


Sort of like the breakfast club meets predator meets The Goonies meets American Horror Story. Ish. I don’t know, it’s a mix of awesomeness #obsessed

The show is literally done so well you will be questioning life when you’re done watching. Like ummm hello can someone tell me if the upside down is happening in real life because I’m not even sure anymore. 

The show is scary as hell but also funny but not in a stupid kind of way. In a serious kind of a way. Does that make sense? No probably not. You form a connection with every character. And you become hooked for life. 

Go ahead jump on the bandwagon and start it, you will not regret it.

Happy binging 😈

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