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Summer break is in full swing! It is hot as HAIL outside. wheeeeeew.

This year is definitely the first summer where I am struggling to make sure Riley is having a productive summer that’s fun but also getting her ready for Kindergarten this fall! Like I have to make sure we all actually change out of our pajamas some days lol. Ella still being so little is needing her naps 2-3 times a day so we struggle with trying to get out and do anything. So we are trying to plan some fun activities during the week and some fun getaways for the weekends when daddy is off work!

We had our annual family vacation on Memorial Day weekend last week which was nice. My mom got a huge townhouse right on the beach with two balconies that overlooked the ocean. Not too shabby! We did a lot of swimming and beachin it! It was so good to have everyone together, loved being able to hang out with my brother and sister! We ate at Mojos Old City BBQ of course. It is all our all time favorite! We also ate at Sunrise Grill at the beach (my first time) it was delicious! Great little atmosphere! I had the shrimp alfredo tortellini! On our way to dinner we walked through Flagler and “Belle” was there! A girl who has her own business as like a “Rent A Princess” type thing  was there taking professional photos. Perfect timing for us 🙂 We had a beach day and made sandcastles! We had a fresh veggie tray with home made dill dip that we brought down. UMM YUM. I cant stop thinking about it actually.

On our way to dinner one night we made the guys drive the SUV with the kids, and me, my mom and sister rode in the other car and jammed out to music with the windows down like fools. so much fun!

 When we got home I discovered Vice (our dog) had slept in Riley’s bed the whole time we were gone. Hair everywhere. So I wash them and once they are dried, I take them into Riley’s room and she takes a handful of the sheet and says “umm these smell like mountain dew” – she means mildew. haha. Which they didn’t smell like mildew at all. She was just being a sassfrass as usual.

The following weekend we went to Georgia to visit with Mark’s family. His brother is moving from Alaska to North Carolina with the Military so he was home for a short bit. We had a good time! We went to a little farmers market up there with of course the freshest of fresh produce, brought some baby chickens and bunnies home to play with. 


Went out to eat at a legit Mexican restaurant and had BUY 1 get 1 free margs.

 then went to the bar and felt like a huge granny and left by 9:15.

And this week has consisted of literally nothing. Sweltering heat and the minions movie. Nana will be back down for the month of July and I am so excited! Can’t wait to spend some time with her! Also we booked a little getaway for Brevard North Carolina at the end of July which will be a blasty blast!

 And also I think I may be headed back into the workforce. yepppp.

I have full blown anxiety just typing the words but yes I am starting a job. BLAHHHHH.

But don’t you worry you die hard dear hart readers. I WILL still blog. It will be like nothing has changed. I was born to be a blogger and I will continue this journey. hahahahahaha.

I feel like I am like one of those crazy people who has anxiety and with the anxiety comes random episodes of laughter and crazy jokes and insane movements and facial expressions.
I literally have mental issues when it comes to anxiety and new or changing events in my life. I CAN NOT deal with them like a normal person.

It is time though. Although I LOOOOVE being a stay at home mom. Spending time with my baby angels everyday and hanging out in my comfy clothes with them basically every day is going to be difficult to not do. BUT I also like money and the ability to go on fun adventures with my babes and have nice things soo mommas gotta bring in some dough. Back to the grind. Gonna do my thang on the work front. I have been watching too much Broad City. Binge watching it actually. And also we finished The Bridge. And now our lives are over. 

Sunday fun today at the pool. Didn’t last long. We are tired. Ella still has her nights where she gets up and wants to get in the bed with us. last night was one of them. Getting in the bed with us includes swift kicks to the ribs and facial areas. scratching. head butting. and of course snuggling so close to you that you eventually fall out of the bed.

We went to the beach yesterday and had a fun time. It was short and sweet. Did some fishing, sand eating, picture taking & wave jumping. 

Ok I think that’s all I have for now!
Talk to you soon. 😘





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