Body image Schmody schmimage! 😂

Soooo are you ready for summer? Like do you have all your beach bags packed? Sunscreen? Towel? Cute bathing suit? Yes to all those. Alright cool. You got a rock hard 6 pack and a perfectly tanned bod? No. Well count you out buddy. No summer for you! 

Thanks society for making us all feel like a sack of shit for not having a body that rocks a string bikini while salt water shimmers off our glutes or quads or shins?? Idk. But what I do know is I have two little girls who are going to grow up in this crazy world and I don’t want them to feel the overwhelming pressure of “having” to have some sort of image of a body to be able to be ready..for summer, for fun, for cute clothes, friends, life. No. This is wrong. All wrong. I want my girls to always feel comfortable and CONFIDENT in everything they wear and everyplace they go! Don’t feel pressured by others to change your body because you feel like you aren’t “making the cut”. 

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not saying you should be unhealthily obese and embrace it. No. Take care of yourself, but feel comfortable with your natural curves, your after baby body, your natural boobs, your stretch marks, all of it. 

I’ve never been a skinny little thing, ever. Even before kids. I’ve never been an obese thing either. Just pleasantly in between 😘. It was easy to feel uncomfortable and “not like the cool kids” because I never had the body type on the cover of cosmopolitan. That’s sexy right? The only sexy that’s happening right? Little did I know it was all photoshopped (LIES).

I have stretch marks like nobodies business, I also currently have diastasis recti from my stomach stretching so far with both pregnancies. I’m rocking a tankini to say the least! But I’m ok with that! I’m comfortable, I’m healthy, I birthed two beautiful little nuggets and I’m slowly getting smaller and it’s ok. It’s ok for all you mommas too! Don’t stress over the beach or the pool with your babies! Throw on the bathing suit you feel most comfortable in and go swimming with your angels! 

This isn’t going to be a super long post, I’m just saying can we stop burning into the brains of our little girls and heck even boys that photoshopped, perfectly tanned, not one speck of flaw body that is the only body that is a “summer body”. Let’s just keep it real! Healthy but real! 



YOU GO GIRL! You sexy thang you!


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  1. Ash. I am so happy that you embrace being your own confident unique person and enjoying life. I can still see you sitting at that make up vanity I painted for you and you were getting ready for school and you pulled up your tee shirt sleeves with ribbon and we tied bows. It was Sooo cute and Unique…at that time. I always taught you to be unique and be your own person. You were rocking it. I love you and so proud of you 🌷

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