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So I wanted to have a guest post on my page and of course had to go with some of my mom friends! This girl is such an awesome mom! She writes a hilarious & inspiring blog about her family and their journey with autism! Her blog is

I didn’t know if Katlyn and I would ever be friends like we are now but I sure am glad we are 😘 here is the great post from her and seriously an ADORABLE DIY project as well!-

Hey y’all! Let’s talk about how life flies by, am I right? My daughter turns one tomorrow and I am all hello? I JUST had her.

That cliché saying of “the days are long but the years are short,” seriously couldn’t be more true. It’s like every day I am tired, running on no sleep, temper tantrums and meltdowns are happening left and right. There is poop diapers for days and some days feel 1684652 million hours long…then BAM a month went by and your left smiling and emotional of your growing babes. I almost love the realization that I have though, of days flying by, because it helps me find patience and grace in moments where it probably would have been lost.

 So Mckenzie is turning one and Mason is going to be three in September. Noble and I have had the conversation COUNTLESS times on “are we going to have a third?” Basically it goes like this:
Me: I think I may want another baby but I don’t know. What do you think?

Noble: I don’t know. I do, but I also don’t want to because it’s SO busy right now. 

Me: Agree. Probably shouldn’t. No to a third baby.

The Next Day

Me: I kind of think I DO want a third baby, what do you think? 

Hahaha Seriously though. We joke about it and laugh about it and seriously talk about it. It is such a huge decision. With Mase we tried for over a year to get pregnant. Then by the time he was 1 SURPRISE Mckenzie was on her way. Total surprise. We love our kids and have so much fun with them but I seriously wonder how parents of 3 do it. Like say your grocery shopping. Publix is where it’s at. The truck cart only has TWO seats. Where in the heck is my third one gonna go? Haha Also I only have 2 hands so who’s supposed to keep the third child from crawling into the fireplace? Hopefully I am not alone in thinking these thoughts. And we have plenty of time to decide, but with our two we have now being close in age if we had a third we would really want them to be close in age too. And I told Noble “we could have so much chaos right now and be SO busy (basically dying) but then we will be done with the baby craziness for good and have 3 kids who can all play well together!” So who knows. We will see where life takes us. 

Also wanted to share a super fun, girly DIY with you all. I was looking through my daughter’s new born pictures and found myself loving her little lamp I made her. And it is easy-peasy. I got the bottom base from Wal-Mart of all places. It is an owl, cuteee! I got some chalk paint, from Wal-Mart as well, and they have so many colors to choose from. Then I found a lamp shade I wanted. They sell them at Wal-Mart, Target and basically everywhere. I got a basic cream colored one. Then came the fun part! I went to Jo-Anns and got a bunch of the fake flowers, I got some from Wal-Mart too because the selection at Jo-Ann’s that week was limited a bit. (Hobby Lobby would be a GREAT place for flowers as well!) Once I had all the flowers I wanted, and I got a huge assortment because I was going for that bright, colorful thing. I took scissors, cute the flower part off the stem, grabbed the hot glue gun and went to town! I bunched them super close together so the whole shade would be covered and it came out so adorable I think and was less than half the price of similar ones from Pottery Barn! Yay go mom!

 Bye friends! xo

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