Riley the graduate 🎓

Saturday was the day.

The day my first baby graduated from Pre-K. WHAT?!?!

First day of Pre-K & the last:

allllll the feels that day guys let me tell ya. We had a crew with us to see her. Which we usually do, we have a big family that love our babies very much lol and there wasn’t a dry seat in the house. She was so beautiful.

She got her hair done that day at Images in a fancy updo, and got her nails and toenails painted. Pink with gold sparkle on top. Then we got home and got her in her dress and shoes (heels) and we got all loaded in the car she said “I feel beautiful momma” K im crying.

pretty riley

She did a little performance to Fergie- The Glamorous Life (I think that’s what its called lol) and then she got the “Green Thumb Award”. A few weeks ago for Earth Day her class all planted their own lima bean to take home. Well we have been taking care of that little lima bean and he is huge now. We had to re pot him haha! Well we told all of her teachers haha and they loved it so she got the green thumb award. You guys needs a landscaper? Just call Riley Hogan!

fam shot

3 gals

After the ceremony we went to Peppers for some celebratory margaritas and apple juice 😍


Saturday evening included bath time, bed time and then Netflix time as usual for the adults. Binge watching The Bridge still. And keeping up with The Path.

Sunday morning we went on amazing beach walk to the pier!

Ella certainly enjoyed it.

It’s Monday again and I’m barely surviving. Coffee and vitamin B capsules all day today 😂😂😂 when will I sleep again? Just like a no disruptions, glorious, peaceful slumber all day night long. Not sure.


We are watching minions for the 450th time today. Quick poll how many times have your kids seen the minion movie?! I’m literally starting to speak minion.


My Gran will be here on Wednesday from Kentucky!! Can’t wait to see her! I’m so lucky to have two precious grandmothers still alive! She has not met Ella yet so this will be such a special trip! Oh and lots of good ol’ Kentucky recipes so stay tuned 😉😛

We are planning a getaway for Memorial Day weekend to St. Augustine! My mom has kind of started an annual tradition of a St. Augustine summer trip! So looking forward to that!!!

Riley ran up to me last week and told me that a mosquito bit Ella’s toe and took the toe with it. 😂 these mosquitos have gotten serious.


Another evening beach walk:

ella little


Latest tune obsession 🎧🎤📻🎶:

Bishop Briggs- The River


K guys well see you soon.

P.S. Shop Our Style is up and running! But still a work in progress! Check it out! I will also add a slider to the bottom of most of our posts displaying our fave items from that specific post!

If you are an experienced blogger reading this, do not judge my website building capabilities haha I have done it all by myself and it’s been a true test of patience. Help me. I’m poor. Haha.

Bye friends! 😘❤️

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