Personalized Picture Coasters

My favorite pictures in coaster form. YES PLEASE! here are the details:

Personalized Picture Coasters


4 tiles size – 4 1/14 X 4/14 (I found mine at Home Depot, they should cost around .80 each!)

Spray Mod Podge clear glaze

4 pictures (same size as tile, I used 4 X 4 size pictures for a small white border around pictures on tiles)

1 can of spray adhesive (home depot has them for about $8.00 a can)

1 sheet of adhesive felt (you can find at walmart or a fabric store such as JoAnnes)


Cut small pieces of felt for each tile and stick to tile.  4 pieces for each tile, in every corner. OR 1 big piece to fit the bottom of tile.

Glue picture to tile. 1 picture per tile. obviously. Smooth picture to prevent bubbling. let dry completely.

Once dried, spray picture tile with glaze Mod Podge, spray entire tile including the sides. Let dry and do it again. Make sure to let dry between coats to prevent dripping and bubbling. Do quite a few coats to build a glaze cover (will help with liquid protection and also will make it shinier 🙂

let dry completely and VOILA!

tile coasters

Now you have adorable coasters that you won’t want to cover with a drink 🙂 CHEERS!

Oh and check out our segment on River City Live!


LOGO.jpg 2.jpg 3

you will probably like these too!


  1. OK, We’ve done our test batch and I came back to see if I’d missed anything (I had: the multiple coats of glaze and the felt!). But they already look really cool! I’ll report back after we make our adjustments. We did our first few with just old pictures around the house- we figure we have a month to work out the bugs but next weekend will be the big day where we plan to make about 10 sets. (I have a giant box of reclaimed tile)

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