Monogrammed Pottery Barn Toy Chest

So I’m sure your kids rooms are super neat and tidy and probably have just a FEW toys but in case your kids are like my kids, here is a super cute idea to wrangle your kids toys 🙂 My jack of all trades husband made this beauty for Riley Bear for Christmas a couple years ago and it is perfect!

Monogrammed Pottery Barn Toy Chest


1 wooden trunk or chest (we found ours at a yard sale auction for $10)

Spray Paint – the colors will depend on what will match the room. In our case it was off white and red. It wasn’t a shiny spray paint though. It dried almost matte.

Wooden letters from walmart – The initials you would like on front.

Wood Glue


spray paint entire chest with your base color. let dry.

In a separate area spray paint your wooden letters the other color. let dry.

once all dried, squirt some wood glue on your letters, line them up and place those bad boys on the front of chest.

Total cost $80. NAILED IT.


Actual toy chest at pottery barn kids for sale right now for $399 oh and also $9 per letter for monogram. ummmm you’re welcome.


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