Hand Painted Garden Pots

Hand Painted Garden Pots

this is a really easy fun project for the kids but can also be fun for a little date night too 🙂


4 Clay pots (however many you want to paint)

Outdoor Acrylic paint (variety of whatever colors you like)

Spray Mod Podge clear gloss

Variety pack of paint brushes

Small bag of potting soil

Seeds of your choice


Paint pots however you like, lots of colors, one color, initials, names, whatever strikes your fancy!

{PAINT IDEA} Mark & I painted large pots this year for Christmas. On each pot we painted the word LOVE and the letter O was Riley’s handprint and the letter V was Ella’s Footprint!


Once pots are dried, spray pots with mod podge creating a glossy coat over the entire pot.

let dry.

pour in potting soil, plant seeds, water seeds, and grow baby grow 🙂

Have fun!


LOGO.jpg 2.jpg 3


you will probably like these too!

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