10 essentials for a southern mom this summer 🌸


When it’s time to move the troops out and about, it’s important to be prepared. Physically & mentally. Here is a list of my favorite essentials!

“That was a very relaxing trip to the grocery store with Both kids today” – said no mom ever.

1. A functional yet adorable diaper bag. Big or small doesn’t matter. Find one with pockets and compartments. Side sleeves for bottles or sippy cups help a lot. If it is a material that can be monogrammed, DO IT. Just make sure you can fit some diapers, wipes and change of clothes in that bad boy!

2. A stretchy maxi dress. This one is major for me. It’s always nice to just be able to throw on a little sundress in the summer but when you’re chasing around 2-3 kids or hell even 1 kid it gets a little tricky. The maxi gives you the freedom to bend over and pick up items, climb a playground and slide down the slide, sit Indian style and tell ghost stories. Anything. Maxi=freedom.

3. A good comfy pair of shorts. So you don’t want to wear a maxi dress everyday..I get it! this is where the comfy shorts come in. Practical yet super stylish if done right 🙂 I am a big fan of a good ol’ pair of jean shorts. You can pair them with anything! I’m also loving the new stretchy shorts with lots of pretty prints. Sort of like pajama shorts but not..because you can wear them with a bright colored V neck and go about your day.

4. A good camera/your phone. If you mommas are anything like me then you know the camera is foreva clickin’ ! a good camera is always awesome to have but hey an iPhone can certainly do the job! Savor those moments with your nuggets, but capture them too 😉

5. SHOES. I mean duh. We are all women here. We know that the perfect pair of sandals is KEY to a summer day! An easy slip on pair are always easy! My go to slip on sandals are definitely my Jack Rogers. ADORABLE, good quality, comfortable sandals. perfect for summer. I like to keep a good fitting pair of tennis shoes near by as well 🙂

6. Sunscreen/Bug spray. Nobody likes a sunburn or an itchy bug bite, especially your littles. to keep those cheeks from burning and those little leggies from itching keep a little bottle of protection in your purse or super cute new monogrammed diaper bag 🙂 I really like the Honest Brand SPF and Bug Spray.

7.  Water. “I’m thirsty mom!!!!!!” is usually what I hear over and over and over again every place we go. I swear its like they have never had a drink of liquid in their life. It feels so good to be able to reach down and grab that water bottle and silence the minion for just a brief moment while she revives herself from dehydration.

8. Snack Bag.  Goldfish. Do yourself a favor now and get some little zip lock bags and fill them with gold fish, so they are ready to toss in your bag and hit the road. You’ll thank me later.

9. The Security Item. When the goldfish & the water just ain’t cuttin’ it. Whether it be the pacifier, the blanket, or snuggles the rabbit, bring it. It will help your sanity. and theirs.

10. Stroller/Baby Carrier. Give those arms a break mom! stroll the baby in a stroller or strap her into your baby carrier. Now your arms are free! for eating, drinking, and all the other things you usually do not get to do in peace while baby is near.

So that’s about it. You are ready to go and take on the world with your babies in tow!

May the odds be ever in your favor.

*Let me know your fave things to take with you on your adventures 🙂


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