Tis the season 🎅🏼

Oh hey. I’m here. Who has time to write a blog??  Not me. who cares!

K bye.







I have been so busy lately, and I swear I have tried to sit down and write a blog post 25 times but I get unmotivated very quickly or busy!

well..October & November have come and gone. At the speed of light. December was here and is now gone, Christmas came and then 2016.

the weather has been crazy! last weekend I was at the beach getting a sun burn and this week I am literally freezing my ass off.  I was hoping for just a normal winter with chilly weather where I could where my blanket scarves and tights and be cold.


So we found a place and moved. Again. Boy I’ll tell ya us hogans are some movin folks. We will buy soon, hopefully! Our new place is in Amelia Park and so so precious! Getting it all decorated for Christmas with the girls was so much fun! it was Ella’s first Christmas 🎄⛄️🎅🏼



Trees for days! 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

Riley had a field trip with to the Doo Wop Diner to see Santa and have a Christmas breakfast! So sweet! She had Christmas spirit week at school, we enjoyed a dickens Christmas downtown! So much fun, I’m so glad I am able to do these things with the girls now. We had tons of family in town for the holidays. And when I say tons I mean evvvvvery last one of em! haha..lets see..nana, aunt mindy, uncle rick, nickie. mimi, nanol, grandma, papa hoadie, nene, Jerry, Terry, Amanda and grandma again! plus my family that lives here. It has been busy to say the least.









so my one of my best friends came in town about a month ago!  So good to spend some time with her and let the kids play! Of course she had to update our family pictures! (She is an amazing photographer)






check her out 😎

So when we moved we decided against Comcast and to try out the Amazon Fire TV! So far we are loving it. We will probably never pay for cable again!



we celebrated Mark’s birthday in St. Augustine which was fun! Walked around and saw all the lights, hung out on my brothers porch (he lives right on St. George street), then we ate at One Twenty Three Burger House- so so good! Definitely a more casual type place but super good! The Christmas lights down there are so pretty.


I have some recipes and a lot to catch up on in my posts! I’ll do my recipes in my next post! k so talk to you soon, missed you, bye.

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