What day is it?

5:35 AM-

“Momma. WAKE UP. Wake up momma, WAKE UP!”

“what Riley?! WHY?!!!”

“turn on spongebob”



So. Tired. Need. Sleep.

Got up, turned on spongebob and quickly crawled back in bed to go to sleep/get on Facebook and Instagram and scroll through the feeds like some sort of detective. We all do it.

But I came across this:

Good morning Justin Timberlake. 😛

Did I mention I got a spider bite, then the bite got staph infection and it wouldn’t heal so they had to lance it and I have had to treat it like some sort of gun shot wound. Also it’s on my right buttcheek. So remember Forest Gump when he gets shot in the “buttocks”?

Me currently:


Lieutenant Dan is currently my husband. Who has been redressing my wound every night. 😉.

Speaking of ice cream we had to get out today and experience the real world. So went to lunch with my mom at Peppers and had some ice cream at Fantastic Fudge-YUM. Carnitas and raspberry haze for dessert! Nothing like a peaceful lunch with a 4 year old and a 5 month old. Said no one ever. MAGARITAS ANYONE? Thankful for my sweet sweet mom.

image image


then later I came across this gem and my night was made:

Tomorrow is Friday which is good. I had to check my phone and a calendar like 3 times today to even realize it was Thursday. Props to stay at home moms. Like this staying home mom bit is hard peeps. I’m a working gal. I enjoy the workforce. But…..I enjoy my babies more so I gotta get a grip.

Went to the girl’s room to get their pajamas and found this- pops found him a coloring book.


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Byyyyeeeeee 😎

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