Weekend jams

Hey buds

so my brother Bradley & his girlfriend Alexis both go to Flagler in St. Augustine and live right on St. George Street. Cutest place ever, big huge porch that they decorated with green plants and awesome pots with pieces of sea glass they found scattered on the tables and big comfy chairs. So visiting St. Augustine is a regular deal for us 🙂 . So my brother’s girl friend works at a place called Old City Soap Shop. Well I go and become obsessed with it. Heavenly bath bars and bath bombs. The products are very similar to LUSH products! At least I think so. They have bath bars and bath bombs that smell and feel literally so amazing I am addicted to them. I do love LUSH products. The Lush at the town center is definitely the better one! Old City Soap Shop has this bath bar called “black soap” and its charcoal infused, smells heavenly and I’m addicted to it. Also the oatmeal & honey bar. I love the LUSH masks though. Sooo good. did one last night with my sister. The BBSEAWEED mask. Heaven.image

FINALLY got a day today for just Mark and I to spend some time together. Thanks to my angel sister for watching the girls! The weather was so pretty today, definitely the first sign of fall 🍁🍂

We decided to go to lunch at the Town Center and have lunch at PF Changs. Soooo my husband and I eat out a lot. Like a lot. Not a good habit but we do, we love checking out new restaurants and trying the best of the best. Literally today was our first time at PF Changs. Weird right?? Like how have we not been there?I don’t even know. It was so delicious though as you all know! We did it up right and ordered a bunch of stuff and shared it. After, we went to Sweets By Holly and ate like 10 mini cup cakes and split a frozen yogurt. Haha. Delish.

image image

Went back to Lush today and got more stuff. Did another face mask. Catastrophe Cosmetic.


And moving on. I have Mastitis. For the second time. And if anyone has ever experienced that you know that it is FOR REAL. God it hurts like a bitch. 6 months down of breastfeeding! Yaahhhh! Starting the Ella nugget on baby food and cereal now. She is getting soo big!


It is unbelievable how fast it goes. Gots to have more babies 😁😳😀

Well I gotta get this heating pad fired up…wahhh it hurts. My husband is asleep right now and snoring so loud I want to punch him dead in the nose. I just lightly touch all over his face until he turns his head and stops the snoring. (I call it the snore fairy) And then he is like “Ashley why are you doing that” and I’m like “BECAUSE YOURE SNORING YOUR DAMN HEAD OFF!!!”

I’m totally for Caitlyn Jenner- do your thang girl but this is hilarious. Thought I would share!

Night guys 🙂

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