Nothin’ like a beach walk

There is truly something majestic about the sand on your feet and the salty ocean air blowing through your hair. Definitely a major perk of living with my dad right now – he lives right across from the ocean. We could definitely fit this into our nightly routine!image image image image

Made salmon patties for dinner tonight. They were actually really good, but have you guys ever made a salmon patty? Yuck. First of all, canned salmon. I’m confused on that. Also it comes out of the can with small bones in it but apparently they disintegrate and they are edible. I mean don’t get me wrong I ate like 3-4 patties 🙂 but yeah I’m not sure that I’ll be making them again anytime soon. I added fire roasted corn with peas and cheese mashed potatoes as our sides. So yeah that helped. And I burned my arm pretty bad with hot oil. Cool.

And one last thing to wrap it up tonight-

a couple new TV commercials that are strange to me. We all saw the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercials.


So strange. I don’t understand it. PLEASE if you haven’t already, watch the spoofs of this commercial because they are hilarious and you will be screaming with laughter. Here are some links for a couple of them – you’re welcome.

But in relation to that strange commercial comes the new Johnny Depp cologne commercial. What is really going on with these people? Like who is allowing these commercials to be aired? You watch it and you’re like what just happened there. No really, Johnny Depp drives past a huge hairy OX on the side of the road all nonchalant – and its cologne they are advertising. There will be hilarious spoof videos coming for that one too. We will wait patiently.

and also quickly the KFC commercials? First there was a really obnoxious Colonel Sanders singing “chicken in the bucket, chicken in the beans” And “I even put chicken in the lemonade” pretty funny actually. Now all of a sudden they have mysteriously switched the dude up and it’s a whole different accent and attitude. Don’t know. But what I do know is chicken is in fact in the beans and it’s delicious

welllll I think that’ll do it for tonight..I love blogging. 2 blog posts in one night. Blogs for everyone!!!!

Night night


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