Is sex & the city on yet?

so I went to the gym this morning! Did a 30 minute body combat class. A small but MIGHTY body combat class. Wheeewwwww doggies, it was a tough one. But I felt AMAZING when I left there!


So now that I’m a gym goddess, I obviously need to start upping my workout attire game. Went to TJMAXX and got a fabulous neon color sports bra. Obsessed with it. Then went to fabletics website to get my first outfit for $25 (yes), but accidentally clicked on the “non $25” outfits and put a tank and a pair of capris in my cart. $110. So I put the tank and the capris back out of my cart.

Im a major major bargain hunter. Addicted to it. Never thought I would be and didn’t become one until I became a mom. But basically everything I buy is used. Clothes, shoes, furniture, kids stuff, underwear. Just kidding, not furniture. No but really I’m all about a deal! Scored at the Barnabas center today or as Riley calls it the Barmis center.


Target deniM shirt and a LOFT shirt for $6. Um yes please.

Everyday around 5 or close to when the daily Sex & The City marathon stops running on E! I have to head to Starbucks for some energy, because basically I lay in the bed all day and watch Sex & The City. A girl can dream. But when I do hit Starbucks I usually hit the Barnabas store & the Second Chance store to see what’s new. A deal is waiting every time 😏

I am so pumped for the Jersey Mikes to open next to Starbucks. OMG if you’ve never had it you must try it when they open! SUPER good sub sandwiches.

Today was picture day for Riley at school. So I pick out this super cute outfit, matching bow & shoes. Get her all pumped up for it. She puts in on and I guess it has a somewhat larger tag in the back than some of her other shirts because she starts wriggling and jerking around like I just sprayed her with mace. Then starts ripping her hair like an insane person and fell on the floor. K. So we didn’t wear that outfit.


Riley 95% of the time wants to wear stretchy shorts or pants with a cotton non scratchy shirt with no ruffles. With either Velcro toms or a pair of crocs. I get it. Comfy comfy comfy. She is her mothers daughter!

I’ll be 26 next month and to celebrate we are going to Disney! Yayyyy!!! Can’t wait for the babies to experience it. Although Ella is still pretty young we are all going to have so much fun! And it will be close to Halloween which is even more awesome!!!!


And before I go tonight I really want to give my husband some props. He has been working so hard lately so I can stay home with the girls! I am so proud of his accomplishments with his new job and truly how amazing he is as a father and husband ❤️ Us hogans gals sure are lucky!

heres to you babe! You good looking thing you!


Until next time friends ✌🏼️

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