Well- never thought I would want/have time/have stuff to write about in a blog. But lookie there, here I am writing my first blog post. I have high expectations for this blog so stick with me.


My name is Ashley. I’m a mother of two beautiful awesome amazing girls named Riley & Ella (my life). I’m married to my best friend and his name is Mark. I am truly obsessed with my family which you will quickly learn following this blog. Also with food, again you will learn. I just recently quit my job and am now a stay at home mom. Stay at home mom? I haven’t fully adjusted to it yet. My husband likes to call it funemployed. I like to call it an amazing blessing to stay with the girls all day/quickly diving into a sleep deprived insane mental state filled with poop, breastmilk and WHERE THE HELL DID MY COOLNESS GO???!!!

It is completely astounding how much being a parent changes you.

Right now we are in the process of purchasing our first family home. So that means we had to move in with my more than welcoming dad so that we could really focus on the task at hand. So that’s fun. “Hey dad what’s up, is it cool if me, my husband, my two kids and my dog move in with you for a few months?”


Hopefully this blog will entertain you with the fun/awkward times of living with a family member, all of our hogan adventures, all the delicious food I eat (hehe) & also the hilarious and glorious moments of being a parent. It only gets better from here folks!


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